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  Grounded European adapters (E) type

Type (E) adapters allow the use of the Continental European plug configurations to be used in the following countries AC power wall outlets

Please note: an adapter changes the plug type to configure to different wall outlets around the world.
Adapters will not change the voltage.

Hint: Click on the Part # link to view an image of that part
Part # Part Description Price
AUS-E Used in Australia, China $20.00
ENG-E Used in UK, Hong Kong $20.00
ISR-E Used in Israel $20.00
ITY-E Used in Italy $20.00
SAF-E Used in South Africa $20.00
SWZ-E Used in Switzerland $20.00
USA-E Used in North America, parts of South America $25.00
220-E Used with USA 220 volt $25.00

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